Events Calendar

2nd Saturday Lecture—February 9 th at 2:00pm

Griots Gallery and Academy (at the Center For Haitian Studies)

8260 NE 2 nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33138

Entrance In the Rear Gallery Opens at 1:00pm Refreshments Are Served

The presentation for February will focus on 4 pieces from the collection that commemorate

the September 1963, 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing and its victims.

The images that will be displayed and discussed are:

1. Fallen Soldiers by Thomas Williams

2. I Remember Birmingham by John T. Scott

3. Birmingham Memory Box by Frank Frazier

4. The Tattooed Man by Billy Morrow Jackson.

Many artists were inspired to memorialize the murder of these Sunday School children. We

will examine each artist’s personal response to the bombing.

Lecture Series (2nd Saturday of Every Month Unless Cancelled)
2:00—3:00pm Griots’ Gallery at CHS