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Johnathon Foster

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The artist Johnston Foster’s “Blacker the Berry…Sweeter the Juice” is originally a series of 19 portraits of influential black woman that illuminate their contributions to the African American life. According to Foster, “… they’re the backbone of African American culture. The portraits reflect a deeper, political and social agenda in the urban environment.” The exhibition was inspired by the documentary film “What Happened Miss Simone?” This film is about Nina Simone, an internationally known singer, performer, and civil rights activist.

Chronologically the exhibition surveys some notable black professional women in leadership roles such as authors beauticians, politicians, musicians, educators, and self made entrepreneurs. They span both local and national stages. The portraits begin with Stagecoach Mary the first african american woman to be employed by the USPS and the second woman period to be employed by them also. The exhibition ends with modern days women of legacy such as Dallas’s own state representative Helen Giddings, civil rights advocate Kathlyn Gilliam as well as artist, curator, and educator Vicki Meek.

The 36” by 48” paintings are remanences of Andy Warhol portraits but are different from Warhol in their creative process. Foster combines photographic images with computer generated stencils. He then hand draws the images onto the canvas with a pencil which is painted with a palette of varying colors. Notably black, carbon black is the last color applied to the canvas. The complex juxtaposition of differing color schemes creates a fauvist sense of art. It is bot explosive and organized both colorfully and emotionally. Foster retains a linked relationship between representational and abstract art which is where he leaves the viewer caught in between reality of portraits and surreality of imaginative shapes and colors.

Johnathon Foster is a Memphis native currently residing in Dallas, TX. He has presented exhibitions throughout Dallas in several local galleries such as Small Gallery and Random Art Gallery. He also has been exhibited at the Monroe Art & Co. Gallery. HIs graphic work has been at multiple business, churches, and school organizations.He studied under the late John T. Scott at the prestigious Xavier University of Louisiana. His accomplishments include multiple art awards, both as an artist and an educator.

"Beautiful Bella"

Artist: Johnathon Foster

"Angela Davis #2"

Artist: Johnathon Foster

"Brother Malcolm"

Artist: Johnathon Foster